Who Are You Guys?

My name is Richard Oliver, and I own eyeDesign.

My first job as a graphic designer was as an editor— I just didn’t know it back then.

Years ago when I was finishing college at Alabama in 1993, I landed a job as Senior Editor at a small publisher in Northport, AL. I wore a lot of hats on that job, mostly editorial but also page layout and book design. We started on a DOS program that manipulated a WordPerfect file and by the time I left we used Aldus PageMaker. I didn’t know it, but I was already a graphic designer.

Every professional job I’ve had since that internship in Northport involved graphic design in some way. I taught myself how to use the software. I thought everyone played around with page layout and illustration software in their spare time. Over the years I’ve worked with every major application on the market. I still felt that knowing the programs wasn’t enough, so I went back to school to learn design from the ground up and develop my foundations as a graphic designer.

I opened eyeDesign in January of 2016. My business objectives are simple:

  • Provide quality design services to clients
  • Guide clients to the designs that are right for them
  • Measure my success by the satisfaction of each client
  • Build a competitive graphic design business based on the above