You Do What?

At eyeDesign, I provide over 20 years' professional experience writing, editing, and designing. This blend of design, writing and editing experience gives me a unique perspective on every project.

Because I have a security clearance, I stand out among local designers. This allows me to work with government and defense contractors on projects most local designers would not be allowed to see.

If you don't see a particular design need below, please contact me. I'm sure that I can help you myself, or through one of my team members.


Branding means different things to different people. At eyeDesign, I approach branding as a comprehensive treatment of all of a business' print and digital material. This usually includes the logo, business cards, letterhead, and envelopes for printed material. Branding can be extended to include notepads, brochures, marketing materials, and pretty much any other items which the public will see. On the digital side, branding covers the website, online ads, digital versions of the logo, etc.

This effort extends to internal materials such as any Microsoft Word templates for memos, sign in sheets, PowerPoint templates, and more.

Your brand is part of your stock in trade. It identifies your company and helps shape how they see you. Your brand is not a static, never changing destination. Everything changes over time, especially your brand. If you haven't updated your brand in some time, then you need to explore ways to update your brand and update how your customers see you and your company.

Logo Design

If current trends in logo design are not something that you typically keep up to speed on, I can help you. Logo design is fluid, and constantly changes in both incremental steps, and huge swaths where a new design direction goes viral.

Research on current design directions, especially for logo trends, is one of my primary activities. As you might expect I scour the internet for new ways to present messages, I review umpteen dozen design journals, and I am cursed with what we call "designer eye". No matter where I go or what I am looking at, I'm constantly reviewing existing designs. I judge other people's typography choices, logo and graphic efforts, and the relationships between graphic and typographic elements.

Your logo design is typically the first thing many customers will see when encountering your business. Make sure that it's not just a great idea, make sure it's a great idea that works for your business.

Ad Work

Ad work encompasses everything that you use to advertise your business. It can be a newspaper print or digital ad, a billboard and everything in between. Magazines, newsletters, brochures, stand-up cards, and coupons, are typical expamples of ads that showcase your business to the public. Your ad can be focused to a one day sale, or as broad a treatment to give a comprehensive overview of what your business does.

Whatever the focus of your ad, I can help you define the message you're sending to your customers that will make your ad more effective. I don't just give you what you've asked for, I work with you to refine your ideas and to hit the target audience. There are times when a customer of mine is heading in a direction that simpoly won't work for their desired result. I can help you realize that you won't get where you want to be, and help revise the message to get you there.

Book Design

Designing a book is a personal favorite of mine. It's really the first design job I ever had. Because I have an editorial background, I don't just design the layout and place the words on the page. I truly have an interest in helping you produce the best book you can. If your manuscript is complete, I can do just a book design. However, if you feel that your manuscript needs some work I can help edit and revise your manuscript as well as design the page layout and cover.

It's all determined by the degree of help you want. I will work with you regardless of what level of input you want to create a book that you can be proud of and that sells.


If you belong to a group you need a newsletter. If you have a family that doesn't get to see each other often, you need a newsletter. If you have a company with new products that you want to highlight, upcoming sales, or other information that you need to get in front of your customers, you need a newsletter.

I can design a newsletter for you, in a unique fashion with a design that you will own and no other company will be able to use. We can do this in a couple of different ways; with your input, we can design the newsletter layout and place all of the text. Or, we can design a newsletter template that you can buy and update yourself on whatever schedule you need. I'll work with you to create a newsletter that fits your needs.


A brochure says a lot about your company — at least it had better! Among other things, a brochure details your services or products, explains your business ethos, and provides the background of your business or yourself.

Your brochure has to do all of these things — and more — in a fashion that engages your customer and makes them want to find out more. Pretty pictures go a long way, but they're not enough. I can help you take your ideas and present them to your customers and clients in the manner that best suits your business model. From absolutely formal to completely informal, I can help you find a voice that keeps you from being too stiff or too laid back. It will be just right.

Restaurant Menus

A good menu can help your restaurant be focused, purposeful, and profitable. A bad menu can keep your restaurant scrambling to make too many dishes, keep you from defining your restaurant's true identity, and push you into debt.

I can help you design a menu that keeps your chefs focused, defines your restaurant's identity, and helps your customers know that you have the dishes that they want to experience. The best menus are short, one or two pages. I can help edit a sprawling multiple page menu down to a one or two page, focused, identity-driven menu. A clearly defined menu, limited to the dishes that help create your identity for the dining public, help you stay on track purchasing ingredients. You can lower costs by focusing on a smaller number of dishes, executed precisely in quantity.


Ask anyone, they hate filling out forms. We fill out a lot forms in the modern world. Doctor's offices, attorneys, buying a house, taking out a loan or opening a bank account; these a only a few of the forms we encounter. Filling out forms doesn't have to be painful. I design forms that work as a paper form or as a digital form. You can send forms to your customers or clients ahead of their appointment and not have to spend money on postage. I can make electronic forms that are secure, keeping your client's information private.

Talk to me about solving your issues with forms. I can make it relatively painless for you and your customer.


Do you ever remember seeing an invitation you got for an event and thinking, "I can make a better one than that!" Well, now you can with my help. Invitations aren't rocket science, but making wrong choices doesn't help bring people to your event. You wouldn't want to use a chalk board type of font for a wedding invitation... unless it's at an old school. And you wouldn't want to have pictures of farm animals on your wedding invitation either, unless you're getting married in a country wedding at a barn.

Every invitation needs special touches that help showcase what kind of event you are asking people to attend. Getting those touches correct depends on the designer, me, working with you the customer to ensure that you get the invitation that you envisioned and the invitation that achieves the desired result.